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Pay and Allowances

Job Corps pays each student a living allowance twice a month while in the program. But just like a real job, taxes are deducted from this allowance.


Our center can house 186 male students and 82 female students in several dormitories. The dormitories are attractive, clean, well maintained, and are similar to what one would find on a college campus. Residential students enjoy the following amenities:

  • Cable televisions in each dorm room
  • Lounges
  • Vending machines
  • Laundry facilities
  • Game room
  • Computers
  • Community kitchen to learn to prepare your own meals
  • Barber every week
  • Rooms with as few as two students
  • Rooms with as many as six students


Meals are served to students in our beautifully remodeled modern cafeteria. Meals are nutritionally balanced and well prepared, recognize our diverse culture, and are served to students at no cost. A food committee consisting of students and staff provide input into the preparation of the menus weekly. Special meals are prepared each month to show support of the Job Corps Diversity calendar.

Wellness Center

To help promote a healthy life style, the Wellness Center is open daily at no cost to the students. Basic medical care is available every day with a nurse on call 24 hours. Dental care is provided to students beginning with an exam and following up with classes addressing issues of poor oral hygiene to increase student awareness. Students also attend classes and counseling on smoking, weight management, family planning, pregnancy prevention and drug use.

Graduate Benefits

As a Job Corps graduate, you will have a positive outlook and be qualified and prepared for today's professional workplace. Additional graduate benefits include:

  • A transition allowance of up to $1000 to assist you with transportation and housing
  • Job placement assistance for up to nine months
  • Career counseling
  • Relocation counseling services

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Page last updated: Tuesday, August 04, 2015