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In addition to career training, Tulsa Job Corps also provides academic training, including basic reading and math. Courses in independent living, employability skills, and social skills are offered in order to help students transition into the workplace. We also have several academic programs to help our students achieve their full potential.

Students can build on their reading and math skills that are relevant to the workplace. Academic programs such as Accelerated Math, Aztec, WorkKeys, Library Club, Drama Club, and the Debate Club are available to help students reach their full potential.

GED/High School Diploma

One of our top goals at Tulsa Job Corps Center is to ensure that students seeking a GED or high school diploma have the opportunity to earn one prior to leaving our center. Students are required to complete twenty-three units of study to become a high school graduate.

The state of Oklahoma has granted diploma issuing credentials to the four Job Corps centers in Oklahoma as a single school district. The central office is located at Tulsa Job Corps Center, and these four centers work together to ensure that Oklahoma dropouts get a second chance at finishing high school at the Oklahoma Job Corps Academy. As well as being accredited by the state of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Job Corps Academy is also accredited by North Central Accreditation (NCA).

Driver's Education

Driver's Education is available to all students needing a driver’s permit and/or driver’s license. Students under the age of 18 must have a signed consent form from their parent or guardian. In the classroom, students work on state required hours in bookwork instruction. Outside of the classroom, on the road training is completed to meet state requirements.

Advanced Career Training

The Advanced Career Training (ACT) program gives students the opportunity to receive advanced educational/technical training. Students in the ACT program can transfer to other centers with an ACT program or stay at Tulsa Job Corps center. Our center has a partnership with Tulsa Welding School to enroll students into the ACT program. Students wishing to attend an ACT program must

  • Complete a career technical training program at Tulsa Job Corps Center
  • Have a GED or high school diploma
  • Have a good disciplinary record while attending Tulsa Job Corps Center
  • Have the ability to work independently

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Page last updated: Tuesday, August 04, 2015